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About granite media

Granite is a profitable digital media company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. We pair professional journalism with 100% programmatic technology across both sales and marketing. 

Storytelling is a powerful means of inspiring, informing, and entertaining. Many of the best stories accomplish a combination of these. Our team includes professional journalists, editors, and production artists who tell stories worth telling -- and worth promoting. Granite focuses on longer-form, evergreen topics rather than short-form, breaking news.

Our core technology is a sophisticated publisher trading desk - an automated, AI-driven marketing platform for professionally published articles and videos. We then run all revenue through programmatic exchanges. 

To advertise with us, or to learn more about Granite Media, please contact us below. 

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The company publishes articles and videos in several categories, including business and careers, travel, parenting, and sports.  We own a portfolio of four consumer brands:


work + money

Work + Money helps professionals navigate their career, build family savings, understand real estate and business landscapes, and enjoy their wealth and time. The site reaches 3 million monthly readers.

Average session duration: 4m 56s (190 index)

Affinity Categories: Business Professionals, Value Shoppers, Food & Dining, Avid News Readers, Technophiles

In-Market Segments: Employment, Banking Services, Motor Vehicles, Hotels & Accommodations, Avid Investors.


far & wide

Far & Wide encourages and inspires travelers of all types to get the most out of their journeys. The site reaches 2.5 million monthly readers.

Average session duration: 5m 05s (210 index)

Affinity Categories: Travel Buffs, Cooking Enthusiasts, Value Shoppers, Green Living Enthusiasts, Frequent Flyers

In-Market Segments: Hotels & Accommodations, Dating Services, Air Travel, Women’s Apparel, Wedding Planning



FamilyMinded celebrates and supports families and parents by covering the joys, challenges, and surprises of modern family life. The site reaches 1.5 million monthly readers.

Average session duration: 4m 12s (170 index)

Affinity Categories: Family-Focused, 30-Minute Chefs, Pet Lovers, Bargain Hunters, Beauty Mavens

In-Market Segments: Home Improvement, Baby Hygiene Products, Women’s Apparel, Childcare & Education, Financial Investment Services


Stadium Talk

Stadium Talk humanizes the world of sports and sparks conversations about issues on and off the field. The site reaches 1.5 million monthly readers.

Average session duration: 5m 47s (230 index)

Affinity Categories: Sports Fans, Gamers, Auto Enthusiasts, Health & Fitness Buffs, Technophiles

In-Market Segments: Motor Vehicles, Career Consulting Services, Air Travel, Investment Services, Banking Services

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We believe that tech will shape the future of media and entertainment -- and that insightful use of data is already key to publishing success. For this reason, our three core technology systems make extensive use of automation, programmatic auctions, and machine learning.


Mercury is the first fully integrated publisher trading desk used to launch and optimize content marketing campaigns across social and native networks. Our trading desk is currently connected to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Verizon, Outbrain, and Taboola.

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Juno is a sophisticated header bidding implementation of Prebid, an open-source wrapper that generates programmatic advertising revenue, with custom features, built-in optimization tactics, and connected third-party services (including White Ops and Forensiq).

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Jupiter is our data warehouse used for collecting and managing the real-time financial and statistical data that powers Mercury and Juno, plus a whole lot more. Combining cost, revenue, content and engagement data for specific stories, all in one place, yields surprisingly powerful insights.

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News & Updates 

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Granite sells 100% of its advertising through the major programmatic exchanges. We support the most popular IAB display formats, native placements, and instream video pre-roll. All of our advertising opportunities are optimized for performance and high-viewability.

We were early adopters of brand safety and anti-fraud measures and continue to set best-practices for digital publishers. We identify and block suspicious activity with multi-layered detection methods and prevent invalid traffic from ever reaching our programmatic auctions. Granite is TAG registered and works in partnership with White Ops and Forensiq.


To advertise with us, or to learn more about Granite Media, please contact us below.

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