Introducing Stadium Talk

Stadium Talk | Sports for Every Kind of Fan (Photo: AP)

Stadium Talk | Sports for Every Kind of Fan (Photo: AP)

Granite Media is introducing its newest brand: Stadium Talk, which joins Work + Money, Far & Wide and FamilyMinded in its expanding portfolio of consumer sites. Stadium Talk will cover the ongoing conversations and most talked about stories in the world of sports.

We believe sports encompass so much in our culture — it sparks our passions, strokes our competitive spirit and helps us build camaraderie and relationships. Our engagement with sports — the teams and players we love, the games we choose to watch and play — helps shape our understanding of ourselves.

Stadium Talk will publish stories about athletes, teams and fans, covering the thrill and anguish of both playing and watching sports at all levels. Whether you tend to pour yourself fully into the roller coaster of a season, or prefer to relax in the stands and take it all in, there is a lot to talk about. We will aim to humanize the world of sports and spark conversations about a diverse array of issues both on and off the field.

We’re starting off with a powerful lineup of great stories, including, 20 Things Even The Biggest NFL Fans Don’t Know About Tom Brady, our assessment of the Greatest Tennis Rivalries of All Time, Ranked, our picks for The Best Sports Movies Ever (although you might disagree), a chance to test your MLB insight with Phrases Only True Baseball Fans Understand, and a look at How UFC Bad Boy Conor McGregor Became One of the World's Most Popular Athletes. And more stories to come every day.

Hop in. We’re excited to have you join us as we zoom away from the starting gate.