Introducing FamilyMinded

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Granite Media is introducing its latest addition: FamilyMinded, which joins Work + Money and Far & Wide in its portfolio of consumer sites. FamilyMinded will cover the joys, challenges and surprises of modern family life. We aim to celebrate and support all families.

We believe that family shapes who we are — how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. It’s not just one thing, but takes many shapes. It’s about bringing life into the world, finding kindred spirits, caring for one another, helping children grow, caring for aging and sick loved ones, finding love and sometimes losing it.

We will share stories about child-rearing, care-giving, love and difficult moments, and other aspects of family life that inform and entertain. We hope that by sharing these experiences we will spark ideas, offer guidance and support, and provide an occasional much-needed laugh in the spirit of camaraderie.

We’re starting off with Life Skills Every Teen Needs to Know Before Leaving for College, an honest accounting of all the Things They Don’t Tell You About Becoming a Mom, a survey of The Best Dog Breeds for Infants, a list of 15 Great Picks for Family Movie Night, and a personal story from a mom about What My 6-Year-Old Taught Me About Divorce, along with many more stories, insights and tips about making the most of family life.

We hope you follow us as we grow.