Introducing Nikki Gloudeman, Senior Editor for Granite Media’s Far & Wide

Nikki Gloudeman

Granite Media is thrilled to introduce Nikki Gloudeman as its senior editor for Far & Wide, its new travel site, which will launch later in the month with feature tips, guides and travel tales to amazing places around the world.

At Granite, we pride ourselves on being innovative storytellers, and having Nikki join the team further strengthens those powers to craft amazing journalism and build a great company. Nikki has a rich background in travel journalism and a love for adventure, serving as managing editor for the travel site Bright Business Media, as well as editing and writing for numerous publications, including Huffington Post, Bustle, Via, Mother Jones and The Boston Globe.

“In the course of my travels,” she told us, “I've walked the red carpet at the Palm Springs Film Festival and after-partied with Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper, rolled through the Montana wilderness in a Zorb ball, and gone backstage at a Cirque du Soleil show.”

Most recently, she was co-founder and editorial director of the boundary-breaking feminist political site The Establishment. By joining Granite, she returns to her passion of travel journalism and continues her focus on opening up new vistas for others.

"Like many, I have an ardent passion for travel — not only because it's fun, though of course it is, but because it fosters empathy and understanding,” Nikki said. “I am thrilled to leverage my background in travel editing and launching media products to debut a site that helps people deepen their travel experiences, to learn and grow more as they explore our beautiful planet."

In addition to her journalistic talents, Nikki also brings musical ones. She sings, and competes, in a barbershop quartet with her mom and her aunt. Her grandmother also sings barbershop.

Nikki is a top-notch journalist, editor, and media entrepreneur, and it’s thrilling to have her on our team here at Granite to lead Far & Wide. Welcome, Nikki!