Introducing Work + Money


We’re beyond excited to present our first consumer brand, Work + Money!

If you are interested in building, managing, and enjoying your career and your wealth, then Work + Money may be a great fit for you.

Career development and personal finance are seriously important topics for every adult and every family, but we believe they should be accessible and easy to understand, and perhaps even a bit of fun.  We’re trying to appeal to smart readers who’d like to learn more, but aren’t (yet) experts.

We’re starting off with some insightful pieces from several great writers.  Have you ever been confronted with really bizarre interview questions?  Raven Ishak can help you conquer them.  Wondering when to start teaching your kids about money?  Dave Copeland says the earlier the better, but be sure to avoid some common mistakes.  And if you need to know what’s all the fuss about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, we’ve got you covered with a primer by Demelza Hays.

In short, we’re here to help inform and entertain you along your path towards achieving great success.  All we ask in return is that once you’ve made your $250 Million and bought this insanely beautiful house, please invite us to come visit.