Granite Renews Deals with AP Images and Getty Images

We’re excited to announce that we’ve renewed licensing deals with AP Images and Getty Images to provide both stock and editorial photography to our portfolio of consumer brands.

"Our readers love high impact photography -- pairing a well-crafted story with stunning photography is clearly a winning combination,” said Michael Howerton, Editor in Chief at Granite. "We're thrilled to continue our relationship with both Getty and AP.”

Granite focuses on longer-form, evergreen topics rather than short-form, breaking news. We use high-resolution photography to help visually tell stories in several categories, including business and careers, travel, parenting, and sports. Granite’s four brands - Work + Money, Far & Wide, FamilyMinded, and Stadium Talk - reach a combined monthly audience of 10 million people worldwide.

Stadium Talk covered the Women’s World Cup using photos, like this one of Team USA’s Alex Morgan, from AP Images. (AP Photo/David Vincent)

Stadium Talk covered the Women’s World Cup using photos, like this one of Team USA’s Alex Morgan, from AP Images. (AP Photo/David Vincent)

Introducing Stadium Talk

Stadium Talk | Sports for Every Kind of Fan (Photo: AP)

Stadium Talk | Sports for Every Kind of Fan (Photo: AP)

Granite Media is introducing its newest brand: Stadium Talk, which joins Work + Money, Far & Wide and FamilyMinded in its expanding portfolio of consumer sites. Stadium Talk will cover the ongoing conversations and most talked about stories in the world of sports.

We believe sports encompass so much in our culture — it sparks our passions, strokes our competitive spirit and helps us build camaraderie and relationships. Our engagement with sports — the teams and players we love, the games we choose to watch and play — helps shape our understanding of ourselves.

Stadium Talk will publish stories about athletes, teams and fans, covering the thrill and anguish of both playing and watching sports at all levels. Whether you tend to pour yourself fully into the roller coaster of a season, or prefer to relax in the stands and take it all in, there is a lot to talk about. We will aim to humanize the world of sports and spark conversations about a diverse array of issues both on and off the field.

We’re starting off with a powerful lineup of great stories, including, 20 Things Even The Biggest NFL Fans Don’t Know About Tom Brady, our assessment of the Greatest Tennis Rivalries of All Time, Ranked, our picks for The Best Sports Movies Ever (although you might disagree), a chance to test your MLB insight with Phrases Only True Baseball Fans Understand, and a look at How UFC Bad Boy Conor McGregor Became One of the World's Most Popular Athletes. And more stories to come every day.

Hop in. We’re excited to have you join us as we zoom away from the starting gate.

Welcome Eric Ortiz, Senior Editor for Stadium Talk

Eric Ortiz

Granite Media welcomes Eric Ortiz as senior editor of its forthcoming Stadium Talk site, which will cover ongoing conversations and stories in the world of sports.

Stadium Talk, which will launch in September, will be Granite’s fourth vertical, joining Work + Money, Far & Wide and FamilyMinded in its growing portfolio. Stadium Talk will publish stories about athletes, teams and fans, covering the thrill and anguish of both playing and watching sports at all levels. 

“I am excited to join the talented team at Granite Media and start the next chapter of my journey,” Eric said. “I grew up playing sports and developed a love for every game. Legendary athletes, coaches and journalists like Magic Johnson, John Wooden and Jim Murray shaped my outlook on not only sports but life. As I learned a long time ago, sports connect us and reveal character, and there are no shortcuts to creating excellence.”

Eric is a former editor at, the founding editor of for New England Sports Network and, most recently, managing editor of Truthdig. He was awarded a John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship from Stanford University and is the founder of the journalism startup Evrybit, which expanded access to mobile reporting and storytelling. 

He also has taught at University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Journalism and currently works with two nonprofits, serving as executive director of a journalism program with the Lennox School District in Southern California and as executive editor of the Community Based News Room, a public newsroom collaboration with Law at the Margins, a social justice organization in New York City.

“After starting my career in sports media, I am ready to get back to my roots and create something that is rare in journalism today: a profitable publishing model,” Eric said. “That starts by returning to the fundamentals of journalism and telling important, high-quality stories. I look forward to helping build on Granite's success and developing Stadium Talk into a championship site that humanizes the world of sports and sparks conversations for every type of fan.”

We are thrilled to have Eric join our growing team and look forward to the stories to come.

Welcome Jessie Fetterling, Senior Editor for FamilyMinded


Granite Media welcomes Jessie Fetterling, who takes the helm as senior editor of FamilyMinded, focusing on capturing the evolving nature of family dynamics and relationships in our modern age.

Jessie has been managing editor at Emlen Media, contributing editor at Prevue Magazine and associate editor at Smart Meetings. A member of the Society of American Travel Writers, she has traveled to more than 15 countries to cover travel, architecture, food, lifestyle topics, sustainability and women’s issues. She is the author of “100 Things to Do in Oakland Before You Die,” published in September 2017.

“I’m excited to be part of an editorial team that aims to create quality storytelling,” Jessie said. “With FamilyMinded, that means not only highlighting the lighter side of family life, but also some of the nitty gritty topics that can be more difficult to discuss.”

Jessie grew up in Kansas City, Kan., and now calls Oakland, Calif., home. When she’s not writing and editing, she's hosting BBQ cookouts, hiking, playing music or attending one of the Bay Area's many music festivals or events with family and friends.

“Like everyone, I have an interesting and complex family dynamic, with roots in the Midwest but living almost a decade on the West Coast,” Jessie said. “Having a partner from France and a background in international travel, I hope to explore the varying definitions of family from around the globe. As today’s family structure continues to evolve, I want to investigate what that means to all types of people and start a broader conversation about the ups and downs faced by the modern family.”

We look forward to those continuing conversations on FamilyMinded and are thrilled to have Jessie on the team. Welcome, Jessie.

Welcome Mike Yessis, Senior Editor for Work + Money


We're excited to welcome Mike Yessis to our growing editorial team. Mike takes over as senior editor of Work + Money, Granite’s site focusing on personal finance and careers.

Mike brings tremendous talent and terrific experience in digital journalism and media entrepreneurship to his role at Granite. At AOL, Mike was content director and editor in chief of AOL Travel. He had also been an editor at USA Today, and he co-founded and co-edited World Hum, a travel journalism startup that was acquired by the Travel Channel.

"I’m thrilled to join a team that’s committed to creating sustainable, high-quality editorial,” Mike said. “As someone who worked for global corporations and who’s bootstrapped a business, and who’s recently run the financial gauntlet through a home mortgage and two 529 plans, I aim to pull from real-life experiences to help guide Work and Money."

Most recently, Mike has freelanced for publications such as Smithsonian and Cruise Critic, and he makes This Week in Podcasts, a  weekly newsletter featuring provocative takes, great binges and a comprehensive list of the best podcasts and podcast guests.

In addition to his journalistic talents, Mike loves to get outside. When he’s not hiking or riding his bike, he’s trying to keep everything in his backyard garden alive.

We are thrilled to have him join our team and take the reins of Work + Money. Welcome, Mike

Introducing FamilyMinded

funny boys.jpg

Granite Media is introducing its latest addition: FamilyMinded, which joins Work + Money and Far & Wide in its portfolio of consumer sites. FamilyMinded will cover the joys, challenges and surprises of modern family life. We aim to celebrate and support all families.

We believe that family shapes who we are — how we see ourselves and how we relate to others. It’s not just one thing, but takes many shapes. It’s about bringing life into the world, finding kindred spirits, caring for one another, helping children grow, caring for aging and sick loved ones, finding love and sometimes losing it.

We will share stories about child-rearing, care-giving, love and difficult moments, and other aspects of family life that inform and entertain. We hope that by sharing these experiences we will spark ideas, offer guidance and support, and provide an occasional much-needed laugh in the spirit of camaraderie.

We’re starting off with Life Skills Every Teen Needs to Know Before Leaving for College, an honest accounting of all the Things They Don’t Tell You About Becoming a Mom, a survey of The Best Dog Breeds for Infants, a list of 15 Great Picks for Family Movie Night, and a personal story from a mom about What My 6-Year-Old Taught Me About Divorce, along with many more stories, insights and tips about making the most of family life.

We hope you follow us as we grow.

Introducing Far & Wide

Granite Media is thrilled to introduce Far & Wide, our second consumer site following Work + Money. Far & Wide is dedicated to encouraging and inspiring travelers of all types to get the most out of their journeys.

Many of us wish we could travel more and get more out of it when we do. That’s why we launched this site. We believe that travel shapes who we are. It can spark curiosity, widen perspectives, and rejuvenate the spirit. Where and how we choose to travel says a lot about our priorities and interests. These are the stand-out moments and experiences that you most remember in life. 

Far & Wide will chronicle the best advice and travel insights, local perspectives on getting the most out of destinations, and amazing personal tales of travel and adventure from around the world. 

We’re starting off with where to ride the best rollercoasters in the world, a tale of winning millions in Vegas, a chance to explore Oakland, Calif., and Barcelona, Spain the local way, and heart-stopping drone views of cities like you’ve never seen them. 

We are thrilled to begin this journey with you. Happy travels.

Introducing Nikki Gloudeman, Senior Editor for Granite Media’s Far & Wide

Nikki Gloudeman

Granite Media is thrilled to introduce Nikki Gloudeman as its senior editor for Far & Wide, its new travel site, which will launch later in the month with feature tips, guides and travel tales to amazing places around the world.

At Granite, we pride ourselves on being innovative storytellers, and having Nikki join the team further strengthens those powers to craft amazing journalism and build a great company. Nikki has a rich background in travel journalism and a love for adventure, serving as managing editor for the travel site Bright Business Media, as well as editing and writing for numerous publications, including Huffington Post, Bustle, Via, Mother Jones and The Boston Globe.

“In the course of my travels,” she told us, “I've walked the red carpet at the Palm Springs Film Festival and after-partied with Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper, rolled through the Montana wilderness in a Zorb ball, and gone backstage at a Cirque du Soleil show.”

Most recently, she was co-founder and editorial director of the boundary-breaking feminist political site The Establishment. By joining Granite, she returns to her passion of travel journalism and continues her focus on opening up new vistas for others.

"Like many, I have an ardent passion for travel — not only because it's fun, though of course it is, but because it fosters empathy and understanding,” Nikki said. “I am thrilled to leverage my background in travel editing and launching media products to debut a site that helps people deepen their travel experiences, to learn and grow more as they explore our beautiful planet."

In addition to her journalistic talents, Nikki also brings musical ones. She sings, and competes, in a barbershop quartet with her mom and her aunt. Her grandmother also sings barbershop.

Nikki is a top-notch journalist, editor, and media entrepreneur, and it’s thrilling to have her on our team here at Granite to lead Far & Wide. Welcome, Nikki!

A Welcome Letter from Our New Editor-in-Chief

Michael Howerton, Granite Media's Editor-in-Chief.

Michael Howerton, Granite Media's Editor-in-Chief.

Hello. I’ve just arrived at  Granite Media, the publisher of Work + Money, as its first editor in chief. I’m excited to be working with the talented team here to build something new in journalism.

Coming into a media company so new, just in its beginning stages of formation, is an amazing opportunity and responsibility. Granite has no long-standing traditions to fall back on, no established track record to hide behind. It feels like the perfect place to be. The future is an open road and we’re picking up speed.

It’s exhilarating, and a bit daunting.

What first attracted me to Granite, and convinced me to join the team, was the sense of optimism that is built into the foundation of the company. Finding a successful revenue model for online journalism has been elusive, to say the least. Over the past two decades that I have been working in journalism, mostly in newspapers, I’ve seen the fortunes of the industry steadily and precipitously decline. I think it’s mostly a coincidence, but, still, I take it personally. This is more than my profession — keen reporting and analysis, good writing and storytelling are the lenses through which I engage with the world. I got into this line of work because I wanted to share that level of connection with others. As I work with the team at Granite to grow the company into a sustainable publisher of smart stories, I am grateful that this core mission remains my motivation each day.  

With Work + Money, I am excited to explore the various ways people earn money and how they spend it, save it, and invest it (or don’t). I am also interested in examining the various meanings of work in people’s lives, recognizing that not every activity called “work” is a simple quid pro quo for payment. There is a lot going on in how we each choose to labor and what it means to us personally. This is a huge playing field for great stories. Most of us, of course, spend a great deal of our time at work and our building careers, or doing whatever it is we do to earn a living, and then we spend a lot more time planning, debating, fantasizing and agonizing over what to do with that money we earn and what trade-offs we might be willing to make for personal reasons. Our focus here is to tell stories about the endless complications, aspirations, diversions and consequences — expected and otherwise — of how we labor and how we spend, and what we think about when we do.

In the near future, Granite will roll out additional titles on different topics: such as travel, politics, sports and more. I'm excited to have the opportunity to build these sites from the ground up. The stories that excite me most, and the ones I will favor on these sites, will be built on solid reporting, give a fresh look at their subject, and deliver something unexpected to the reader.

The Granite model is to craft stories that have staying power, stories that will be relevant tomorrow as well as next month, and maybe even a year from now (with some tweaks.) Some stories will be expanded and deepened as we go. At a time when most online content tends toward the shallow and ephemeral, Granite stories will seek to deliver sustained engagement and value.

But it doesn’t matter much what we think we’re doing, or what we hope to achieve. What matters is whether you connect with the stories we publish and find them compelling. I look forward to the journey. I hope you enjoy the ride with us.

And, don’t be a stranger. Let me know what you think. Contact me with comments, suggestions, or story ideas at

Best regards,

Michael Howerton

Editor in Chief, Granite Media